MetroPCS LG Aristo 2 Review

This is themetropcs lg aristo 2 and honestly I think it’s really good I mean look it’s got this huge tall screen it’s got a couple of cameras on the back so you know what I’m gonna give it an award congratulations LG you get a participation award.

Now I know this seems really mean but I don’t need it to be me and let me explain why now the Unlock MetroPCS LG Aristo 2 Network Carrier Free is the first of the major 2017 flagship phones and to make it LG did the right thing by making a huge big tall screen on it. It is 18:9 aspect ratio so it’s twice as tall as it is wide and that offers a bunch of interesting software opportunities which we can get into but the basics of this screen are just really good. It’s bright it has Dolby HDR if you care about that sort of thing but more importantly to me is the bezels are really really small and the screen is flat which means you’re not going to get rogue touches from like you might get on a galaxy s7 or an S8 or perhaps are on the side bottom line LG just did a really good job making a really big beautiful screen a centerpiece of this phone.

So let’s talk about Tmobile lg aristo 2 plus unlock free the rest of the hardware, this phone and what you need to know is it’s all about glass it’s a glass back it’s a glass front it’s actually three different kinds of Gorilla Glass on it and it looks fine. I did get a tiny hairline crack on the back but I don’t think that will happen for most people I’m just really hard on phone hardware I guess the power button is here on the back it’s a little bit small it’s the same thing as a fingerprint sensor and I kind of don’t like it it’s a little bit fiddly I never know if I’m turning the phone on or off. It just takes a while to get used to because LG phones act a little bit differently than other phones but for me the bottom line is this is just really simple handsome Hardware nothing crazy about it I think it looks good I think it’s really unassuming and nice and also honestly it’s a little bit unassuming on the inside too.

The processor is a Snapdragon 821 which yes isn’t the latest and greatest processor but stylo 2 plus k550 tmobile free network unlock it’s plenty fast I’ve never had any real problems with it I think you’ll be happy with it. It’s got four gigs of RAM sure and it’s only got expandable via microSD card the other thing to know is that the battery inside this is 3,300 milliamps which should be enough it’s not crazy but nobody wants crazy stuff now because that might make the phone explode but I have found that I’m having a hard time getting through a full day with this thing. Now I do use phones a lot so it might be that you will be fine but I’m finding that in the afternoon I do need to check and see how I’m doing. The good news is that it supports Qualcomm quick charge over USB-C and in the u.s. it has wireless charging so you can top up when you need to.

So if there’s one place where you’d expect LG to bring the gimmicks it would be in the camera and yep there are two cameras here but LG actually held itself back a little bit here’s what you need to know they’re both 13 megapixel sensors so you don’t get a huge quality difference when you switch between them one is normal and one is 125 degree wide angle I don’t love the wide angle look I don’t like the distortion that you get sometimes but if it’s your thing it might be fine.

My favorite feature is actually not the cameras it’s this tall screen they’ve got an app that lets you take Instagram photos and preview them right away or build these neat little layouts but what you should really care about is the quality and the quality is pretty good but not mind-blowing it works okay in low light it’s got up to image stabilization but I haven’t had one of those pictures that’s like oh my god I can’t believe I took this picture with phone moments and if this thing is going to compete with the Google pixel the Galaxy s8 and the iPhone 7 it really needs a standout feature and the cameras are not that standout feature.

Speaking of things that don’t stand up I really don’t like LG’s software it’s called LG UX 6.0 and it is more toned-down than what we used to get from LG but it still just feels kind of junky LG does this thing where they want to put everything on the homescreen without an app drawer it does this ugly stretching thing when you you know scroll over to the edge of the homescreen it actually hides a bunch of settings which normally I would like but they’re a bunch of settings that you need like putting the little notification button down here by the main Rose you can’t swipe down on the the power button or turning on knock-on so that you can activate the home screen just by tapping the screen but stuff that you need in order to make an LG phone work and it’s buried in general I’m just not impressed and it just feels like LG is still skinning phones for skinning sake and I wish they’d stop oh and one more thing this phone you’re probably gonna buy it from carriers and depending on which carrier you buy it from you’re going to get the standard payload of crap where okay so after all that let’s talk about that joke I made at the top the participation of work it’s really mean but listen there are only a few top-tier companies that deserve your attention right now when it comes to flagship phones Samsung Apple Google and now LG just getting on that short list is a really big accomplishment and LG should feel proud but the thing is with phones like the s8 about to come out and the Google pixel already there LG needs something that makes it really stand out from the pack and I just don’t see that here this is a pretty good phone but for 700 bucks or so you deserve something better than pretty good.

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